TED and Zebra Technologies Film & Motion Design

abdz. – Have you given up on being inspired? TED and Zebra Technologies Film & Motion Design

TED and Zebra Technologies Film & Motion Design

TED and Zebra Technologies Film & Motion Design


Guilherme Henrique and Datadot Estúdio were invited by Skillen & Co., a Canadian video producer company, to collaborate with them in designing and animating visual schemes for TED and Zebra Technologies’ video. As most of the content is about non-physical concepts, their goal was to develop visual explanations to work with the interview’s narrative highlighting the essence of the information that was being spoken. “We have done more than 20 animations that are placed over the film. As a result, the video have accomplished to easily inform how technology is shaping our daily lives and what we might expect over the next following years.” The video was selected for the International Design Awards – Honorable Mention 




  • Producer and Director: Nathan Skillen
  • Cinematographer: Lindsay George 
  • Camera Assistant: Brianne Nord-Stewart 
  • Location Sound: Alex Shamku
  • Make-up / Hair: Jena Jacquot 
  • TED Producers: Alexis Reiner / Kristin Wheeler 
  • Editors: Nathan Skillen / Josue Sanchez 
  • Post-Production Sound Mixing & Production: ICTUS Audio 
  • Colour: Silver Lining Post: David Tomiak, Ryan Mence
  • Cast: Jeff Schmitz, Chief Marketing Officer, Zebra Technologies, Jonathan Brill,  Global Futurist, HP, Tara Comonte, Chief Financial Officer,  Shake Shack, Juggy Sihota, Vice President, Consumer Health, Telus


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Introducing Editor X – a responsive Web Design Tool

abdz. – Have you given up on being inspired? Introducing Editor X – a responsive Web Design Tool

Introducing Editor X – a responsive Web Design Tool

Introducing Editor X - a responsive Web Design Tool


We have been getting news about Editor X from our friends at WIX. They are out of BETA and it’s now official launched! It would be great to try but what’s particular with this tool is that is the only fully collaborative web creation platform on the market right now. Meaning that it will let you and your team members working collaboratively and simultaneously on a website. It’s pretty insane if you ask me, let’s take a look at their announcement.

In their words

Editor X enables incredible design flexibility and allows our users to control every aspect of the creation process… — Lior Bash, Head of Marketing for Editor X

Editor X will be the first-ever platform to enable concurrent editing that allows several team members to work on a website simultaneously. This incredible industry milestone will make Editor X the only fully collaborative web creation platform in the world.

In addition to concurrent editing, the platform’s new collaboration features include live commenting, advanced roles and permissions, and shared design libraries. These additions will enable design teams to increase their velocity and work more efficiently. The platform also expanded its design capabilities and now offers advanced code-free interactions.


About Editor X

Editor X is an advanced creation platform for designers and web professionals. The platform combines cutting edge responsive design with smooth drag and drop. Those that want to can add custom code and use a powerful CMS to build data-driven sites and complex web applications. Editor X offers an unparalleled range of integrated business solutions from a leading eCommerce infrastructure to professional marketing and SEO tools. Editor X is part of Wix.com Ltd.


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Branding and Visual identity for SOMA

abdz. – Have you given up on being inspired? Branding and Visual identity for SOMA

Quatrième Étage share a quite inspiring branding and visual identity project created for SOMA, an hybrid art place located in (55 Cours Julien 13006) Marseille. Co-directed by Muriel Bourdeau and Julien Herrault. The black square represents a piece of scotch tape, often used by artists for display, installation and presentation of their artwork. It is sometimes even part of the artwork itself. Its graphic form affixed to the letters SOMA allows the idea of taping a work of art to the walls of SOMA to be transcribed and thus makes the link between the place and its main intention: the display of works of art. To summarize their description, it’s just awesome!


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Library of Premieres Countdown Videos

abdz. – Have you given up on being inspired? Library of Premieres Countdown Videos

Library of Premieres Countdown Videos

Library of Premieres Countdown Videos


Youtube commissioned My Name is Wendy Studio to create a motion design of 15’ for library of Premieres countdown videos. The video stages the journey and the adventures of a ball in an endless play, in a joyful way across colors and shapes.


Youtube projectCommission by Youtube and motion designArtwork and motion design created by My Name is WendyYoutube commissioned us a motion designTypographic composition and graphicdesign for Youtube companyIllustration and artwork for Youtube companyGraphic and typographic composition for Youtube


  • Art direction, graphic & motion design : My Name is Wendy
  • Music : Astronauts

Fore more information make sure to follow  @mynameiswendystudio on Instagram


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Playposit – Créer facilement des vidéos interactives pour ses élèves

Carrefour éducation – Ressources Playposit – Créer facilement des vidéos interactives pour ses élèves

  • PrimaireP
  • Primaire 2e cycleP2
  • Primaire 2e cycle 3e annéeP23
  • Primaire 2e cycle 4e annéeP24
  • Primaire 3e cycleP3
  • Primaire 3e cycle 5e annéeP35
  • Primaire 3e cycle 6e annéeP36
  • SecondaireS
  • Secondaire 1er cycleS1
  • Secondaire 1er cycle 1re annéeS11
  • Secondaire 1er cycle 2e annéeS12
  • Secondaire 2e cycleS2
  • Secondaire 2e cycle 3e annéeS23
  • Secondaire 2e cycle 4e annéeS24
  • Secondaire 2e cycle 5e annéeS25
  • AnglaisEn

Ce site permet d’insérer des questions ou des commentaires dans une vidéo existante afin de la rendre plus interactive.

Description : 

Playposit est une application web qui permet de transformer rapidement et facilement une vidéo en leçon appelée bulb. En ajoutant des questions ou des commentaires à une vidéo, l’élève n’est plus passif devant la vidéo, mais interagit avec son contenu.

L’outil va permettre d’ajouter des séquences interactives à des vidéos, par exemple des questions ouvertes, des questions à choix de réponse, des quiz, des commentaires ou même de l’information complémentaire. Il est possible de créer autant de questions que désiré. Si désiré, l’application permet d’empêcher l’élève de sauter des questions ou encore de terminer l’écoute de la vidéo avant la fin. Il est possible d’y télécharger ses propres vidéos ou d’utiliser celles provenant de YouTube ou de Viméo. 

Ce tutoriel montre les principales fonctionnalités de Playposit.

La version gratuite permet la création et la partage de très nombreuses leçons. Playposit est compatible avec Moodle et Classroom. Des options payantes permettent d’attribuer des leçons à ses groupes d’élèves, de suivre leur progression et leurs résultats. 

Appréciation générale : 

La plateforme est en anglais, mais l’ergonomie de l’application la rend facile à utiliser. Quant aux élèves, puisque les questions sont rédigées par leur enseignante ou enseignant, il n’auront pas de difficulté à s’y retrouver. 

Le site nécessite la création d’un compte utilisateur gratuit. 

Pistes pédagogiques : 

  • Utiliser des vidéos interactives pour revoir des leçons à la maison telles que les règles de grammaire, ou encore des formules mathématiques expliquées oralement dans la vidéo avec des supports visuels.
  • Créer des capsules de théorie de révisions pour les élèves en difficulté. 
  • Les capsules créées avec Playposit sont parfaites pour la classe inversée.
  • En éducation physique et à la santé, l’ajout d’information à des moments précis permettra de décortiquer un mouvement ou une position sur le terrain.
  • En science et technologie, la vidéo interactive pourrait faciliter la compréhension des manipulations en laboratoires ou d’un phénomène scientifique.

Informations supplémentaires


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What Distinguishes Robust Virtual Classrooms?

eLearning Learning What Distinguishes Robust Virtual Classrooms?

Without face-to-face contact, it can be challenging for a trainer to engage learners. A robust virtual classroom platform has tools that effectively nurture and support engagement, giving the facilitator a variety of viable options to involve participants.

eBook Release: Top Considerations When Choosing Αn Enterprise Learning Solution

Top Considerations When Choosing Αn Enterprise Learning Solution
Discover all the criteria you need to consider for delivering effective and impactful virtual training.

The ability for a trainer to appear on a webcam and share his or her screen with viewers is basic to all virtual classroom platforms, however that can quickly become stale. True learning requires interactivity. Industry experts note that engagement is the key to effectiveness, and to engage participants, a full set of features and options is a must. To them, the platforms that stand out are those that include chat, annotation, polling, breakouts, and feedback, among other features.

A facilitator can build interactivity by having participants raise their hands, answer questions in a chat box, respond to polls, and take short quizzes. They can enable authentic communication among workers in different departments and/or geographic locations. They can foster collaboration among co-workers by assigning them to smaller breakout rooms where they can complete assignments together, and then regroup everyone to wrap up and share insights.

Top-of-the line virtual training platforms enable facilitators to more easily read “non-verbal” communication cues in a digital environment, allowing them to gauge how a session is progressing and who might need some extra attention They can leverage platform features to learn who raised their hand, how many people participated in a chat, or who added ideas on a shared whiteboard. This helps the trainer establish meaningful connection with participants, better understand their perspectives, and gain insight as to whether everyone is absorbing the training material.

Finally, a top-of-the-line virtual training solution is designed to make the trainer’s job easier. Facilitators would rather steer clear of software that presents hassles or is difficult to use. The best virtual training solutions are designed with options that streamline course presentation. One example is persistent session rooms, which allows trainers to set up their room(s) in advance. By activating this feature, they can reuse the session room each time they run that same course, which saves a lot of prep time.

Customizable Controls

Sophisticated virtual training platforms allow trainers to control the level of participant activity in their virtual classrooms. Some think this is unnecessary. They caution that disabling the chat function “because it’s distracting” is counterproductive; trainers should actually actively encourage chats and discussion.

Yet there are certainly instances when a facilitator may want or need to do so. Although chat tools are important for engagement, people sometimes use them for backchannel conversations that are not relevant. Facilitators can establish ground rules and suggest that participants use a private chat for offtopic messaging and troubleshooting, however, they may value the option of disabling group chat during certain sessions.

There are other legitimate reasons trainers might want to control participant activity in a robust virtual classroom. Network latency can create delays, and overlapping audio can make it difficult for participants to understand what is being said. A facilitator may request that participants keep their microphones muted when they are not talking, however oftentimes not everyone complies. Having the ability to systematically mute all participants can improve the audio quality of a presentation.

Barring participant activity may also be desirable when a company is delivering a large scale learning event or webinar to hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of listeners. In such cases, it can be overwhelming if everyone is engaging in separate chat conversations.

Chat and audio are not the only functions that a facilitator might want to control. Some virtual trainers might want to filter certain activities. For example: In a large virtual classroom, asking all participants to do an annotation exercise can become unwieldy. In a robust virtual classroom, the trainer could ask only those participants whose birthdays fall in the month of August, for example, to annotate their reactions on a slide.

Security And Privacy

In the early days of the pandemic, a popular online meeting platform fell victim to insidious hacking where interlopers infiltrated business meetings and took over the screen with inappropriate material. The platform addressed the problem by adding features such as password protection and waiting rooms that organizations could deploy in order to control access and refuse entry to unwelcome visitors.

Similar security and privacy considerations exist in virtual training platforms. Sensitive corporate data or planned rollouts that the company wants to keep secret could be copied or stolen during virtual training sessions. The best virtual training platforms have measures in place to protect against such disasters.

Legally and ethically, learning environments should be safe spaces. Participants must be able to speak freely and share stories without worrying about sabotage. While not all sessions require top-level security, trainers can protect their virtual classrooms from malicious intruders by making sure their platforms have state-of-the-art security and privacy features in place.


Your training program needs a learning solution that can offer the robust virtual classroom that you need. Download the eBook Top Considerations When Choosing Αn Enterprise Learning Solution and learn how to choose the option that is best for you.

eBook Release: Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime – A full featured LMS with a learner-first approach


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7-time ‘Tetris’ world champ Jonas Neubauer passes away

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) 7-time ‘Tetris’ world champ Jonas Neubauer passes away

In his interview with Vice, Neubauer compared his playing style to a jazz pianist in that it could be pretty chaotic and that he always improvised instead of sticking to a plan. Aside from participating in the Classic Tetris World Championship, Neubauer has also been streaming on Twitch under the handle NubbinsGoody in the past few years. While he obviously streamed a lot of Tetris games, he also did videos featuring other games like Last of Us 2 and even Dungeons and Dragons.

The Classic Tetris World Championship’s website has posted a statement remembering Neubauer as a person and as a legend in the community. It includes a clip of his last match at the 2020 tournament, wherein he played against Jacob « Huffulufugus » Huff.


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