New in StellarX: revamped Scenario System, new Template Space, and Space previews 💣



New in StellarX


Lately, we've been crunching hard to bring you cool new features and lots of updates… Only this time, we went BIG!! 🤩

New Scenario System

First, some HUGE news.


Introducing our brand new, patent pending Scenario designer! 🙆 Let it simplify your scenario creation process… even more. Access sound, interaction nodes, trigger zones, behaviors, dependencies, and much more in a few clicks, and create animations, mechanisms, scenarios and complex simulations, completely effortlessly! 😍



FYI, though; your current scenarios will NOT be compatible with this new system, so proceed cautiously with the update. If you need help rebuilding your scenarios, don't hesitate to get in touch at, and we'll give you a hand! It's a big update, but it's all worth it; we promise. 👏


Wait now, wait… There's more!


Node Menu

As part of the Scenario System update, we reorganized the different nodes into a brand new Node Menu so that you can quickly find what you're looking for.


Minigraph Asset

We've also added a new asset to your collections: the Minigraph, helping you keep better track of the multiple interactions in your space.



New template Space

Here's our latest Template Space: the Forest! Our Art Team had a lot of fun with this one. Get immersed in nature, through the trees and a calming stream.


Space Previews

We've added previews of both Template and user generated Spaces so that you can get a sneak peek of what they're all about, right from the Base Camp!

Oh, and, one last thing…



Grab Bag

If you're looking for the Grab Bag and can't find it… no, you're not crazy. We removed it temporarily because, in our eyes, it lacks customization and interaction options. So, we're going back to the drawing board!

Wanna see what else is new? Check out the full release notes. 🚀


        👉  v0.66.0 – Public Release
👉  v0.62.0 – Public Release

        👉  v0.60.0 – Public Release