Beatriz Lozano Java Sans

Wow! This super cool, and super inspiring project by Beatriz Lozano featuring a multi-variable, interactive brush typeface, which can be customized by the user. Very playful— we love how accessible it is, it can definitely be appreciated by non-type people (we also love how playing on the generator feels like serious research, but is definitely… Poursuivre la lecture de Beatriz Lozano Java Sans

Why interruptions are frustrating to developers

Hacker News Why interruptions are frustrating to developers Imagine your focus was a card tower and interruptions were knocking it down. If your productivity depended on having a card tower, wouldn’t you get frustrated? I heard this analogy from a friend of mine several years ago. I’ve repeated the analogy for a quick visual of… Poursuivre la lecture de Why interruptions are frustrating to developers

The Button Cheat Sheet

Hacker News The Button Cheat Sheet Rating: Good, use it! 🥳 <button>Yea or nay?</button> Details That’s a proper button! It’s focusable It has correct key events by default Correct button role Supports HTML content All in all beautiful! ❤️ Rating: Okay, but <button> offers more flexibility! 🙂 <input type= »button » value= »Yea or nay? »> Details That’s a… Poursuivre la lecture de The Button Cheat Sheet